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Carbon repair

Our #1 service for absolute reliability!

  • All repairs are analyzed by a Mechanical Engineer who has  Phd in composite materials and can accurately calculate how many layers and what type of carbon are  needed and in which direction they should be placed for absolute safety.
  • The repair takes place using preinpegnated materials (±2% accuracy) instead of dry fabric and epoxy application by wet layup (±25% accuracy) for absolute control in the quantity of fibers and epoxy which has as a result the best possible reliability and safety.
  • The frames and or parts are cured in a programmable oven for the correct curing of the epoxy resin which leads in bigger resistance in hits and environmental conditions.
  • The initial graphics and colors can be restored in their initial condition.

Steerer tube extension

  • Extension or repair of a fork's steerer tube with carbon part or alloy section depending on the case
  • High strength carbon or alloy section from 7075 Τ651 aerospace grade aluminum
  • Bonding with aerospace grade epoxy glue
  • Extension length from 30-200mm

Repair of waterbottle mounts

  • Replacement of loose or broken waterbottle mounts (inserts) with new ones
  • Installation performed with combination of aerospace grade glue and compression, for certain results

Reattachment of front derailleur braze-on

  • Reattachement of braze on using aerospace grade glue and glue and rivets.
  • The final result is more durable than the initial part

Reattachment of bottom bracket shell

  • Reattachement of bottom bracket shell using aerospace grade glue

Conversion of seatpost for Di2

  • Convert any round shaped seatpost so as to accept a Di2 battery

Repair of threading

  • We can repair threads from a crank, rear derailleur hanger and other parts
  • We can remove many bolts with worn or broken head

Frame preparation

  • Facing and cleaning of bottom bracket threads
  • Facing of disc brake mounts
  • Cleaning or thread extension in old school steerer tubes
  • Headset Facing
  • Rear dropouts alignment for metal frames
  • Rear derailleur hanger realignment
  • Realignment of some frames/ forks