Frames Track

Intended use: Track Racing

Gram Track is absolutely stiff in the transmission and very aerodynamic so as to give you this extra bit you need to pass the finish line first.

  • Inspired, designed and manufactured in Greece
  • 100% handmade
  • True Monocoque
  • Multidirectional aerodynamics offer low drag which can become your wining advantage
  • Super Oversized chainstays
  • Ultra short chain stays
  • Asymmetric inner design for correct load distribution
  • Ultra thin Headset with internal tapering
  • ASTech Aerospace technology is applied in our products
  • Vibratech Technology for perfect stiffness and compliance combination
  • Rear entry dropouts
  • Ultra stiff BB

Additional Info

  • Material:
    Υοcto version: Toray M46J woven + Toray M46J UD, SHD toughened epoxy system
    Pico version: Toray T300 woven + Toray T700UD, SHD toughened epoxy system
  • Layup: Size specific
  • UCI legal: Yes
  • Sizes: Small (155cm-170), Medium (168cm-182cm), Large (180cm-195cm)
  • Weight: From 1390gr unpainted size M, yocto version, frame only
  • Color options: Standard paint is black matte with logos. Custom paint schemes are available on demand and include raw carbon, custom paint with airbrushed logos and more. Custom paints are not included the price
  • Price: Frameset from €2500 for Pico version, from €5000 for yocto version. The price includes VAT and standard paint. Shipping cost not included. The frame is delivered with front fork which is chosen according to customer demands, headset and seat binder. When buying a frame the customer can have a special discount 30% in order to buy a Gram seatpost and a Gram handlebar as well.

* The picture is a sample built

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