Frames Gram Custom 100%

Intended use: Per request

Gram custom is made… for you! Infinite design option are available starting from custom layup and going up to specific size and design options. We can even make a mold for you or measure you in a wind tunnel.

Design and construction after agreement.

Additional Info

  • 100% handmade
  • True Monocoque
    Multidirectional aerodynamics offer low drag no matter where the wind comes from and offer benefits in both high and low speeds.
  • ASTech Aerospace technology is applied in our products
    Vibratech Technology for perfect stiffness and compliance combination
  • Material: Carbon, as per your order
  • Layup: Customer specific
  • Cable routing: On demand
  • UCI legal: Depends on customer choice
  • Sizes: Standard or custom sizes as per your order
  • Color: Custom paint scheme
  • Price: Frameset from €7500 for custom layup and paint. The price includes VAT and standard paint. Shipping cost not included. The frame is delivered with front fork which is chosen according to customer demands, headset, seat binder, Gram KION 90 seatpost and Gram Mark 150 handlebar as well. For specific sizing and design, prices for monocoque frames start from €30000 and include the cost of the study and the construction of the custom mold.

* The picture is a sample built

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